Who We Are

Our Team

Sherri “Umm Paige” Hill


“I learned very early from my parents, the importance of fighting for what you believe in.”

Vice President

“Im just a man who wants to do right by all people”

Abdullah Muhammad

Fundraising Chairperson

“Our community is indeed our responsibilty and that’s why I joined M4H”

Sandas Murphy

Political Advisor

“Get with the R.E.P Registration-Education-Participation”

Ron Waters

Our Story

The M4H movement started like most other social movements; with a few courageous people coming together to meet about the problems that plague their community. The first 4 members began in 2014 by having community meetings in the local masjid to talk about how they could improve the surrounding conditions, focusing their efforts on and around the 60th St. corridor. As time went on, they began to educate themselves on the dense political environment within Philadelphia, and they slowly began to see the direct relationship between the various happenings within City Hall and the constitution of the community. With Cobbs Creek area being located virtually at the edge of the city, they felt as though it had almost been forgotten and that necessary action wasn’t being taken to improve the livelihood of its inhabitants. They came to the conclusion that it was time to create an organization that truly addressed the needs of the community. And so M4H was established in an effort to improve the lives of the people who call this city home. M4H has existed almost 4 years officially as a state recognized organization, and approximately 3 years as an official charitable org.

Our Mission

To uplift & unite Humanity through education, political involvement, community development & social services regardless of religious affiliation.

Our Vision

M4H tirelessly strives to be the leading non-profit organization within the Philadelphia community, giving those who have been silenced, a voice to speak, and providing quality service to all who need it. We hope to one day be recognized in the same light as the great organizations that have come before us, and we commit ourselves to honoring the efforts those organizations have made.

Our Values

Integrity, Commitment, and Care.


413 South 60th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143
267-760-1943| Muslims4humanity@yahoo.com

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