About Us

Who We Are

Muslims 4 Humanity is a 501-C3 charitable organization that focuses on strengthening the community through economic develop, political involvement and social services within Philadelphia. Being an organization founded on Muslim principles, we believe its our duty to stand for what is right and forbid what is wrong, and to help keep our community on the right path.  Although we are a Muslim organization, we routinely engage in collaborative efforts with various non-Muslim organizations we have established close relationships with, and we take honor in being an all-inclusive organization.

Cobbs Creek Recreation Center in association with Laura Simms Skate house, Cobbs Creek Neighbors, Achievability, A&W Community Solutions, West Philadelphia Produce, Christian Compassion Groups, Progressive CDC and Born leaders are just few of the many organizations we have worked with in the past. We thank all community organizations working within Philadelphia and abroad in their continuous efforts to create a better and brighter world for us all. Priding ourselves on outstanding moral character and great reputability within the community, we strive to be the best example for those around us, both near and far.

Our Story

The M4H movement started like most other social movements; with a few courageous people coming together to meet about the problems that plague their community. The first 4 members began in 2014 by having community meetings in the local masjid to talk about how they could improve the surrounding conditions, focusing their efforts on and around the 60th St. corridor. As time went on, they began to educate themselves on the dense political environment within Philadelphia, and they slowly began to see the direct relationship between the various happenings within City Hall, and the current constitution of the community. With Cobbs Creek area being located virtually at the edge of the city, they felt as though it had almost been forgotten, and that necessary action wasn’t being taken to improve the livelihood of its inhabitants. They came to the conclusion that it was time to create an organization that truly addressed the needs of the community. And so M4H was established in an effort to improve the lives of the people who call this city home. M4H has existed for almost a decade officially as a state recognized organization, and approximately 5 years as an official charitable org.

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